We Care About Your Protection

Sunrise Security is one of the leading security companies in the country. We are based in Welwyn garden city but operate throughout the UK. We provide integrated security solutions that guarantee your safety and wellbeing. Our dedicated team works hard to attend to all your security needs. Everything we do at Sunrise Security is based on our ethos of “Prevent, Protect and Progress’. Our approach centres customer service and safety, we work with the highest personal and professional security standards.

We provide our clients with a free consultation to ensure all their safety needs and concerns are attended to as soon as possible. At Sunrise Security, we strive to provide a tailored and cost-effective solution that is budget friendly and allows us to have an integrated approach to an open partnership. This combination helps us manage the desired operational and business results in an optimal way.

Who We Are

Sunrise Security is consists of a highly skilled team of professionals that work tirelessly to provide you with expert quality protection services. We provide more than just security, and we deliver peace of mind and confidence across the residential, commercial and public sectors.


We work hard to ensure we provide you with the highest-quality prevention protection by our professional team equipped with the latest technology.


At Sunrise Security, our biggest priority is to protect all our clients. Our expert team are dedicated to providing the highest-quality protection.


Our aim is to move our clients forward, by ensuring their safety along the way. At Sunrise Security, we believe in the importance of progress.

Security Services For Corporate Clients

We understand how important it is to protect all your assets, from your employees to clients and premises. Our corporate security solutions enhance your business operations, working in partnership to align your security strategy. Operating across the UK, we offer high quality corporate and office security solutions. With your individual requirements in mind, we carefully design a bespoke solution covering your needs.

Our corporate security solutions include professional security guarding or technical security solutions. We select and train our expert team to ensure they blend seamlessly with your corporate image. Our experts are Close Protection, and CCTV licenced and trained in first response to ensure all your security needs are fulfilled. This significantly reduces the risks and vulnerabilities of your organisation.

CCTV Systems

Manned and Static Guards

Key Holding



Mobile Vehicle Patrol

Our Services

Every industry can benefit from new high-quality services, and that’s exactly what Sunrise Security provides. We take a tailored approach to protection, and we aim to supply our clients with the right security guard or expert team for their individual requirements.

Security Consulting

Our well-established security strategies enable you to get a better understanding of overall organisational security risks by applying converged governance with risk management across all assets.

Sunrise Security is a key supplier of consulting services to individuals and businesses across the UK, specialising in security for construction sites and corporate buildings and events.

Regardless of the project size and complexity, we strive to provide a fully integrative solution and innovative approach to emerging threats.

Close Protection

At Sunrise Security, we provide quality and experienced guards, with the highest level of professionalism. We mainly operate in Welwyn Garden City, but also throughout the UK.

Protecting your family or your material goods is something that is worth investing. Our safety is something that we owe to our security services. We provide Bodyguard Services, Close Protection Services, Residential Security, and Asset and High-Value Goods Protection.

Security Systems

The knowledgeable staff at Sunrise Security are on hand to help you choose from our range of innovative and easy to use security systems. We offer reliable security and fire protection systems tailored to completely protect your property from the unexpected.

Our selection of modern, affordable and fully customised security systems will deliver complete protection for your home or business. We are a holistic, reputable security company with years of experience in the industry. At our head office in Welwyn Garden City, you will find the latest and highest-quality security systems at competitive prices.


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Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Sunrise Security, we ensure our clients receive expert services, to ensure that all their security needs are satisfied.

Private security

Our private security services provide all our clients with assurance about their safety and ensure affordable solutions.

Free Consultation

All our clients are provided with a free consultation and we ensure all our duties are undertaken in a professional manner.

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