About Us

Sunrise Security is a professional security service, based in Welwyn Garden City, and our expert team are stationed throughout the UK. As a well-established company, we aim to provide a new and improved standard of professional guarding services to all our clients efficiently and affordably. Our commitment and dedication to our clients ensure an integration that enables us to provide an ever-improving service, encompassing the very latest technology and ensuring that our licensed security personnel receive the highest-quality training. We are a people first company that prioritises both our clients and staff.

We promote accountability and transparency at every level of our organisation. Across every partnership, we deliver constant supervisory meetings and regular operational excellence visits and quarterly directional reviews in close collaboration with our clients to drive continuous improvement and guarantee customer satisfaction. At Sunrise Security we believe that the only way to stay successful is to constantly provide the highest-quality services.

As an organisation, we are especially attentive to all feedback from each of our clients, by carrying out in-depth industry research and keeping up with the latest developments it allows us to be efficiently responsive. Whether you need our services for business or personal reasons, you can be assured that our solutions will be based on your tailored needs and expectations. We aim to move you forward with our high-quality protection.

How We Work

At Sunrise Security, we ensure our expert team are regularly trained to provide you with the highest-quality security services and dedicated manned guarding team. Our comprehensive list of qualifications has made us one of the most capable security guarding companies in the UK. We offer superior quality security 24 hours a day. From inspection to logging on-site materials and vehicles, to patrols, our professional security teams along with our state-of-the-art security systems, will follow all necessary procedures to ensure your ultimate safety.

Our commitment to quality and the highest standards of security guarding means you are guaranteed a cost-effective and reliable solution that will be tailored to your specific security needs. Our expert security staff are trained to integrate with your internal staff and work alongside management to ensure your corporate security is seamless.

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